Band leader

Erwin Lorant

Erwin Lorant – Band Leader of the Swan Big Band

Erwin Lorant is a full-blooded professional musician.

HIs career is impressive:
Erwin Lorant was a pupil of Horst Fischer and Bob Lanese. He first performed on stage at the age of 11 with the jazz group of the Marl music school in Germany. He later studied in Germany with Hanne Wilfert and Prof. Jiggs Wigham and at the Berne Conservatory with René Schmidhäusler. Further private study followed with Master Teacher Don Jacoby and Master Teacher Gary Grant in the USA.
Erwin Lorant was always touring even while studying in Berne. He regularly worked as a dep at the Stadttheater, the Schauspielhaus and in the Radio Ensemble Bern. For 19 years he was a regular guest player with the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra, in which he held a permanent position between 1986 and 1995.